not only the more layering to break the sense of the bas-relief tablet

July 10, 2013
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In bas-relief on the basis of the hollow part of the background or foreground becomes shallow Loudiao, bas-reliefs and shallow Loudiao often haunting cross-use, so that not only the more layering to break the sense of the bas-relief tablet also increases the difficulty of carving, the collection also increases the value of the bas-relief, 982 136G Patek Philippe platinum white enamel pocket watchPatek Philippe 982 136G Platinum bas-relief white enamel pocket watchJourney Into Amazing Caves of plywood carvedThe dial glamorous is right and proper, plywood sheet carving is meant the “Xiuwaihuizhong”. So watch splint inch carved ornamentation and pattern, given a more expressive and personalized art style for the watch works. Creation carrier constraints make this feat even more difficult, because of the complicated movement decoration carving requires not only sophisticated aesthetic accomplishments, more comprehensive understanding of the orientation and structure of the layout of the design of the watch to be engraved and pattern with which complement each other in industry rules in the field of golden eagles, and even for the preparatory process of the carver, sculptures, agility and even carving gesture also quite stringent provisions to ensure that the finished Replica Sinn watches product has a culmination of perfect artistic sense and ornamental visible plywood Breguet Table splint carved on the carved well too rareBreguet splint carvedShell carving art moldingA large number of mother-of-pearl for the dial, shell carving is made of deep relief and bas-relief, the difficulty is Replica U-Boat watches that starting from the first cut under carvers can not make mistakes, because each knife down no longer have the opportunity to amend, which requirements carvers absolute “stable”, “prospective”, “ruthless” Breguet 12 zodiac watch shell carving dragon tableThe Breguet 12 zodiac watch the shell carving dragon tableThe cameo tools and semiTransparent enamel fill enamel carved double legendary carvingWill do a good job of bas-relief or relief above covered with transparent colored enamel firing, usually shop in enamel embossed geometric patterns carved fill enamel requires the skill of the carver, and enamel division with strong drawing skills, but also to understand the 150 different glaze color change after sintering and each color at different temperatures, so as to ensure that the finished form of delicate vivid, lifelike engraving filled the enamel process as an ancient enamel process

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