July 10, 2013
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details exposed fatDanger: “red crisp hand. Huang Teng wine wine eclectic, but not enough slender fingers, is really an annoying thing. Looked goblet grip style of thousands of others in their own hands, but to attract any slightest reverie. Even wear a Cartier ring, not attractive enough. Even if it is pretty mediocre woman, If you have a pair of soft, slender hand, can inadvertently attract men’s eyes go. Seems, plastic Replica Burberry watches hand plan must be put on the agenda rescue plan: finger exerciseClenched fist, and then force five fingers extended, as separate as possible. Repeated 30 times 2 Pull the thumb and index finger unilateral each fingertip, then massage the nail at 1-2 seconds. Each finger are repeated 5-6 times. If the hand can be soaked in hot water, the effect is more desirable to the thumb and index Replica MB&F watches finger, pull refers to the roots to the fingertips direction to the nails at the moment to leave. Each finger was repeated 5-6 times. Can promote blood circulation, excess fat eliminate 4, hands flat on the table, gently press down, then lift one finger at a time, try to give a high, pretending to play the piano, its function is to stretch the palm of your hand make your hands and fingers, slender soft 5, the back of the hand massage cream and hand cream evenly coated the back of the hand on Replica Corum watches the back of the hand to start rubbing massage In fact, these small actions can in idle hands to do, and do not need to spend too much time and effort, over time, your hands will become more beautiful and slender.

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