Japan’s gross national product

July 5, 2013
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hour to comfort 26The comfort women and women who endure the torture of ordinary people can not imagine, and they are the most tragic victims of the war. Japan and France in the war of aggression, to create the largest number in the history of “Battlefield prostitute group. These “comfort women” will be killed by disease, starvation, massacres, suicide and even survive, but also life-long life in the bitter memories of the U.S. State Department published in the June 14, 2004, 2004 Global Trade Population Report, which states that the presence of the seriousness of the slavery issue, Japan This is the first time the United States on the issue of Japan attacked. Japan’s porn industry revenue of about $ 90 billion. Japan’s annual industry volume of transactions, has accounted for 1% of Japan’s gross national product, and Japan’s annual defense budget is comparable to the face of Japan’s massive sex industry market, proving once again that the support of Japanese nationals in the sex industry attitude, which is caused by the root causes of serious Japanese sex slaves. Japanese lawmakers said, caused the Japanese porn industry is so rampant reason is because Japanese society is male-dominated society, unequal social structure of Japanese society between men and women exist and do not care about the sex industry because of the pressure on the international community, Japan The porn industry has conducted a number of reforms, but it is more change the more prosperous. During the Meiji Restoration, Japan countries most prostitutes output. The Japanese government is also very clearly a prostitute is not in line with the spirit of the “civilized”, but to the national interest to support the attitude of the sex Replica Welder Watches industry, has been held, until the Peruvian ship “Mary Luce” incident occurred only after the Meiji government changed announced in the October 2, 1872, the “prostitutes liberation Order, also known as” beasts of burden liberation Order. Prostitutes, geisha servants in accordance with the law has been liberated. However, this liberation is caused due to externally imposed pressure, not Japan voluntarily, so although the prostitutes has been liberated, but only the surface, secretly remained. The relationship of the owners of prostitution and pornography, but the form of the past one-time contract

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