changed to a periodic tenancy

July 5, 2013
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changed to a periodic tenancy, in the form of human rights is still not guaranteed. The development of the sex industry is not only not be hindered, but more smoothly in 1880, the second nations Abolitionist Joint Assembly annulling a the licensed prostitutes system announcement delivered to the Japanese government, and invited the Japanese government sent representatives to participate in the General Assembly, of turning a blind eye to the Japanese government. Taisho era was again submitted a the Abolitionist motion, and rejected it on the grounds that the “celibate men need less income the government recognized Maichun Strip. In addition, the expansion of territory of the Empire of Japan also need the prostitute to comfort soldiers. Japanese cunning revealed in the document, the document said: “do not recognize prostitution as legitimate work, but there is one exception, not prohibit individual to make a living and spontaneous prostitution”. This looks like a banned prostitution, in fact, just Si Chang replaced the licensed prostitutes Japan authoritative Dictionary “wide resigned Court”, “prostitution” explain “legal prostitutes get public recognition” and “Si Chang explanation prostitutes “have not been recognized for business. Understood according to this interpretation, the meaning of this file is “used to be a legitimate licensed prostitutes prostitution are not legitimate” and “have not recognized the Si Chang prostitution now a legitimate” In 1985, Japan’s sex industry was once reform . This time the Japanese government issued a “Prostitution Prevention Law”, is the seller of the law for the punishment of the main targets is encourage prostitution behavior. Meaning is clear, you want to continue to prostitution would have to change the form of the sex industry in Japan has brought huge economic benefits to the Japanese government, the yellow Detachment of Women “primitive accumulation, economic output in Replica A Lange & Sohne watches Japan, military aggression” outstanding ” tragic dedication can not be ignored. Japanese pornographic culture has a long history, but also deeply affect the Japanese people’s sexual attitudes and value orientation of the Dutch scholar Ian Buruma role in the Japanese culture, “a book Japan known as the” innocent sexual entertainment paradise “, the prostitutes in the history of mankind.

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